Helm Financial Planning values our close relationships with clients, and we promote teamwork, efficiency and transparency in every aspect of our work. Our clients value the simplification of their financial lives and the peace of mind they gain from working with us.


Investment Management/Portfolio plan

Based on your financial plan, Helm designs a custom strategic asset allocation that reflects your unique goals and circumstances. Since no one can know the future performance of any investment, and no model will ever have the ability to foretell every extreme event in the financial markets, Helm uses a disciplined portfolio strategy to control your risk as well as optimize your investments’ potential gains. Our goal maximizes your financial security while addressing your goals for current income, long-term growth and tax efficiency.

On-going collaboration

Clients’ financial plans reflect their values and goals, and are updated regularly to ensure every aspect of their financial life is managed efficiently. Helm monitors client portfolios on a daily basis, provides quarterly performance reports and holds annual meetings to review and discuss all aspects with each client. We also work with your other professional partners to ensure coordinated advice and services. Helm is always available to answer client questions.

Discovery of your goals and values

In our first free consultation, we want to get to know you. While this involves collecting financial facts and data, the most important part of the meeting will be to identify your and your family’s personal and financial goals. Many common goals include relieving current financial pressures, paying for college, supporting aging parents, saving for retirement or donating to charity. Helm will work to identify what is holding you back from achieving success in your financial life. We will explore the challenges that create barriers for you, such as day to day organizational problems, too little or too much insurance, inadequate cash flow, investment mismanagement, etc.

Road map to reach your goals

Helm uses the results of its initial discovery meeting to develop a plan that details how to make consistent progress in the areas of cash management, estate planning, income tax strategy, insurance coverage and financial goals you have. From managing debt and spending issues, to helping you define an appropriate cash flow for today and the future, Helm helps you set priorities and gain control and confidence over your money. We call the road map an “Investment Policy Statement”: it is a document that summarizes your investment goals and the broad strategies to be employed.


Specific Service Areas

Determine your goals and values

Your goals and values are the foundation on which your personal financial plan is built, but sometimes we don’t know what our goals are. We explore all your financial dreams and we identify potential outcomes you may not have considered. We want you to be an educated consumer and be empowered about your financial decisions.

Cash Flow Planning

Deciding how to spend your money ensures you are making progress toward financial independence and keeps your plan on track. If you are dealing with debt or spending issues, we will help you set priorities and gain control over your finances.

Risk Management

We will survey how you are using your existing insurance coverage, will identify any holes in your coverage and recommend changes if appropriate. As part of this assessment, we help you understand your employee benefit package, which is an important part of your financial security as well as tax benefits.

Estate Planning

Estate planning goes beyond making a will. It may involve naming a guardian for minor children, making provisions for dependents with special needs, addressing medical directives or deciding how to most effectively transfer ownership of a small business. We will review your will and trust, try to reduce exposure to estate taxes and probate costs, advise on philanthropy and coordinate with your tax professional and/or attorney.

Tax Planning

No one wants to pay more taxes than they owe. We review how to lawfully structure your income to reduce current and future tax burdens. This includes deciding which investments to hold in tax-exempt accounts and which to hold in taxable accounts.

Portfolio Analysis and Investment Management

We compile a complete inventory of your investments, help you to understand what you have and review whether changes are necessary to support your short and long-term goals. Our mission is to preserve and enhance client wealth with a focus on risk management, long-term investment results and low overall fees.

Education Funding

Sending children or grandchildren to college can be a daunting expense as well as a labyrinthian process. Helm will identify your options, and find ways to effectively save for future college costs.

Keeping you on track

Helm can help you with every step on the path to financial independence, but we can’t sign your documents or make decisions for you. We keep you accountable for sticking with your plan, and continually strategize ways to help you help yourself.

People in transition

When individuals face some of life’s transitions such as divorce, death, marriage, inherited wealth, and career changes, they need advice specific to their situation. We guide you through what might be a very stressful period of your life.